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Recording with Jo N’Gala ‘08
Improvised music recordings include
Barcode Quartet released with SLAM, 11th May 2012
Quartet Improvisations with Tony Marsh (Tony, Neil Metcalfe,
Hannah Marshall and Alison Blunt) recordings from Whitstable
released with Psi August 2011. All About Jazz Review
                        Gratuitous Abuse with Barrel. Album of live recordings released with Emanem, 20th October, 2011
Reviewed in the Sunday Times 20.11.11. All About Jazz review
Broadcast on BBC Jazz on 3, 2007 and 2012
Soundtracks for several short films, including with 2:13tv
HART. (Ray Warleigh, Tony Marsh, Hannah Marshall and Alison Blunt)
Freedom of the City performance broadcast on BBC Jazz on 3
London Improvisers Orchestra. live at Freedom of the City festival
including two of my conductions:
Hive Life (2007 LIO @FOTC release with psi) & Wiretapping (2010 LIO @FOTC release with Psi, All About Jazz review  of LIO LEO LEON here)
Ensemble Progresivo. 1st album released ‘06. 2nd album of Horta Cordel International Festival of Improvisation (Madrid) set released with Audition Recordings, ‘10
Songs That Hum (Jackie Walduck and Alison Blunt) Album self-released in 2005
Barrel - live recording from our performance at Artacts festival 2013, released with Idyllic Noise
Hesitancy - latest recordings of Ricardo Tejero’s comprovisations for Ensemble Progesivo
released in 2014 with Creative Sources Recordings
Akrostik - recordings of comprovisations by Julie Kjer & Signe Bisgaard for Pierette Ensemble
released with Gateway Music 2013
Lasting Ephemerals - LP Live recording from a concert at Shoreditch Church, 2013
Gianni Mimmo and Alison Blunt, released 2014 with Amirani Records
Releases include with EMANEM, Psi, SLAM, Audition Recordings, Amirani Records & Idyllic Noise
Recordings broadcast on BBC Jazz on 3, Resonance FM plus various local and internet radio stations
Recording commissions for film, theatre, contemporary dance and installation art
Recordings for educational audio resources and albums
Session recordings for various signed artists and bands
Self-releases of projects and collaborations
Recordings of popular and world folk music include
Recording The day You Were Born (Cat Stevens cover) with Jo N’Gala,
August ’11
Violin tracks on One You Should Know About Me album, ’09
for singer/ songwriter/ keys player Kate Daisy Grant
From Walking Wounded’s album It’s Just the Way It Is, ’07
String arrangement and recording AB
Never, Again
An EP written and recorded with Australian alt country rock band The Fold.
Released 2004
Violin tracks on Jo N’Gala’s album BANTU BLUES, ‘08
Arrangements and recordings for educational albums include
    21.11.12 Exciting NEWS! After intense work on this since July 2011, the new *limited edition* of OUR SINGING WORLD is now available!
’08, Music Start. Government funded storybook, activities, CD and instrument resource given to 100,000 families across England free of charge, more info here
’07, Community in Music. Multicultural song pack for EY children and their adults
123, Sing and Move With Me! Multicultural song pack for EY children and their adults
Cherry Pie. Multicultural and traditional UK song pack for EY children and their adults
Recording a new album of multicultural children’s songs for 0-5s and their adults
(available mid 2012)
Recordings for film, theatre and dance include
Commissioned soundtrack for The Dress. Short film written and directed by Maggie Ford, screened in Cannes Short Film Corner, 2007. Soundtrack created and recorded by Jackie Walduck (music director and vibes player) and Veryan Weston (piano)
Commissioned soundtrack for Butoh Camera Dance. Short film directed by Maria  Guerberof, performed by Florencia Guerberof. Soundtrack performed and recorded by Alison Blunt and Benedict Taylor
Commissioned soundtrack created and recorded with Joel Stern for Scratches, Sketches and Salt, short film directed by Sally Goulding (of Abject Leader, Australia). Screened at Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne and in Codec Cinema and Liquid Architecture Festivals (Australia)
London Brick, 1st quartet for tuning forks written for experimental theatre production
Commissioned soundtrack for Mere Skin and Bone at Nottdance Festival, Nottingham. Devised, performed and recorded by Alison Blunt and Hannah Marshall