Apologies this is woefully out of date, to be updated with tons more recent stuff asap

Hackney Childminders Conference
Invited PDT facilitator. Brief “Music & movement activities supporting children’s overall learning and delivering the EYFS.” ‘12

Healthy Living, Healthy Eating Music & Storytelling Tour
Devised interactive performances for Early Years audiences across Croydon based on the given theme, using traditional, multicultural material. 
Commissioned by Croydon Library Services. ‘12

Visiting artist at the University of Graz (Austria) Music Department
Leading creative intensive workshop exploring and developing group improvisation skills with undergrad and postgrad students 
with special reference to techniques and approaches employed by the London Improvisers Orchestra. ’12.

Music, Movement & Storytelling programme at Altmore Infant School
Sept ‘11-July ’12 Creative Futures managed weekly programme of creative activities with Nursery & Reception classes 
at Altmore Infant School, East Ham. 
Singer songwriter and EY artist Zoe Palmer & I sharing the programme with regular guest musicians joining us for sessions. 
Guests include viola player Neil Valentine, double bassist David Leahy and tabla player Yousuf Ali Khan.

Music and Dance Celebrations during Black History Months
Devising and facilitating celebrations of Black History Month in children’s centres and community nurseries with some amazing musician/ dancer friends, namely Ghanaian artists and workshop leaders Yaw Asumadu, Afla Sackey (band leader of Afrik Bawantu and ex Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble performer) and Gambian dancer, singer and drummer Ibrahim with 2 of his fellow band members. 

Guest Early Years Creative Music Consultant for ReMuA
Providing 2 days of intensive training for ReMuA’s 15 strong team of music artists facilitating creative music projects and sessions in Belgium

Steps into Music Programme 2011/12
Devised and facilitating a year long jointly funded Sound Connections/ATCC funded programme of 
music and movement family drop-in sessions at Ann Tayler Children’s Centre in Hackney. 
The programme brief is to support communication and social skills and to help children Achieve and Enjoy through weekly sessions. One special feature is that it involves guest musicians performing for and playing with families in sessions around several key cultural dates in the calendar.

World Beaters’ Creative Partnerships/AND project in Pembury Children’s Centre, Haringey
World Beaters invited Ka-Zimba, dance, poetry and music artist Asafo Gyata and myself to facilitate an extended programme of creative music, movement and storytelling sessions for a Creative Partnerships/ A New Direction project with Pembury Children’s Centre, Haringey. Several Sharing Lunches were devised and facilitated to provide opportunities for families to share songs, recipes, dances and stories from their heritage. 
An audio resource of some of these songs has been created for the local settings.

Chinese New Year Celebration Events
Planning and facilitating family and nursery festivities in various Early Years settings with guest Chinese lion dancers, Chinese music and instruments, Chinese snacks and...fortune cookies! View some photos here.

Facilitator for Early Years Professional Development Training - across the country and ongoing
Whole days and half days of professional development for Early Years staff seeking to develop materials, resources and skills in connection with facilitating music, movement and storytelling activities with children between 0-5 years old.

World Beaters’ Creative Partnerships project in Woodlands Park Children’s Centre, Haringey
World Beaters invited me to facilitate creative music, movement and storytelling sessions in a year long Creative Partnerships collaboration with Woodlands Park Children’s Centre.  The project was funded by ‘A New Direction’ as part of the Centre’s involvement in the Change School programme.

‘Sounds, Movements and Pictures’ @ Tate Britain
Facilitating Family Day movement, vocal and instrumental workshops for Under Fives and their families in the gallery, 
Creative responses to works in Room 21 
Creative responses to collection from the 1950’s - Patrick Heron’s Horizontal Stripe Painting, Paul Feiler’s Morvah and Roger Hilton’s March

Every Child a Talker (ECaT) Music, Movement and Storytelling Training
Facilitated 6 hours of practical and creative training for 25 Bexleyheath Early Years Practitioners

Devising and Performing APPLE with Tinka Slavicek
Musical puppet theatre show for Early Years children (2-5s) and their adults. Performance tour for large visiting audiences in Hackney Early Years settings during April 2010 as part of the borough’s EY ‘Buddying Project’ funded by National Strategies. Performances and follow up creative workshops arranged and funded by the Early Years Department @Learning Trust, Hackney. 
Some performance pictures in Hackney settings taken by Andy Gilbert, with kind permission, view here.

Music Activities Programme @Mayfield Centre and on Lewisham Playbus
At the invitation of Lewisham Library Services and Lewisham Children’s Services (Area 2) I put together and facilitated a 5 month programme of weekly creative music activities for mums and their Under 5s at Mayfield Hostel and for parents and carers with Under 5s visiting Lewisham Playbus. Activities included: Nostalgia Steel Band members visiting sessions, musicians Lizzie Scorah (with harp), Malcolm Bruce (with guitar and djembe drum,) Zoe Gilmour (with cello) and Yousuf Ali Khan (with his amazing Bengali dancer and singer colleagues) for singing, dancing and story activities, and, visual artist and EY visual arts facilitator Carinan Blijdenstein supporting us all in making incredible pieces of art. We had a great time together and I miss the families so much already!

‘Dance a Picture, Play a Picture’ @ Tate Britain
Facilitating Family Day movement, vocal and instrumental workshops in the gallery, responding creatively to ‘Cloud Study’ and ‘Chain Pier, Brighton.
Works by Constable

Music, Movement and Storytelling Professional Development Training and Creative Nursery Sessions
Practical training for 25 members of staff @Yarnton Way Nursery, Abbeywood, Kent followed by a series of creative sessions with their nursery groups

Special Creative Story Sessions
A programme of creative story sessions (including singing, instrumental activities, props, puppets and more) 
for Under 5s with disabilities and their carers at Wavelengths Library, Lewisham

Music and Movement with Stories, Lewisham Library Service
12 creative storytelling sessions with Early Years children and their adults in Lewisham libraries (September - October 09)

‘Developing Musical Creativity with the Early Years’
Continuing Professional Development with Alison Blunt and Learning Trust EY Consultant Ivor Kallin for the Learning Trust, Hackney 

Stories of Latin American Southwark
World Beaters invited me to facilitate a series of workshops and to provide staff training on their project exploring Latin American culture(s) through music, stories, dance, visual arts and food at Kintore Way Childrens’ Centre. Musicians, dancers, visual artists, creative facilitators, children, parents, carers and staff explored Latin American cultures intensively over several weeks and shared our activities with each other and visitors by means of a walk-in installation. Amazing South American refreshments were served!!

Music, Movement and Storytelling Training for SELPIG Library Services
(SELPIG: Bexley, Croydon, Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark and Lambeth)
Consortium commission to facilitate 3 hour practical training sessions for staff who take Under Fives music and story times in libraries. 

Sound Connections Families’ Music Project @Ann Tayler Children’s Centre
I was invited to co-devise and facilitate a Sound Connections funded families’ music project involving facilitating music and movement sessions for staff, parents, carers and their 0-5s and supporting the professional development of the staff involved. 
The programme involved guest musicians performing to and with the group (Bengali tabla player Yousuf Ali Khan, guitarist and djembe player Malcolm Bruce, Gambian musicians Jali, Bunja and Ibrahim, Turkish musicians Ozan Toprak and Tahir Palali), further sessions involved making instruments from recycled materials and the final session included a captivating performance of  “Videk’s Shirt” from The Puppetellers.

NHS Baby LifeCheck Music and Story sessions in Lewisham
Lewisham Library Service accessed NHS funding to provide music and storytelling sessions for parents and their very young children. I was invited to plan and facilitate 24 sessions in Lewisham Early Years settings and libraries, linking in with the NHS Baby LifeCheck initiative and themes. 
Themes such as baby’s development, talking together, playing and learning and sleeping were explored through stories, songs, gestures, movement 
and percussion instruments.

‘Book Ahead’ for the Early Years in Lewisham, Croydon and Bexley
The DCSF recently provided funding nationally for collections of books to be bought for library services to be loaned to private and community nurseries (not school or Children's Centre nurseries) to give children a greater access to good quality books and promote the enjoyment of reading. They compiled a booklist and along with the books, also provided funding which could be used for logistics and reader development.  To view the national ‘Book Ahead’ website and an online version of the book list, click: http://www.bookahead.org.uk/. 
Invited by Lewisham, Croydon and Bexley Children’s Library Services to model a series of storytelling with music and movement sessions (1 session in each library in each borough, sessions based on some of the stories in the Book Ahead booklist) to which local nurseries were invited. Following the participatory sessions in Lewisham and Bexley, I facilitated several half day CPD sessions delivered in libraries for library staff and Early Years Practitioners interested in developing their storytelling activities.

Hackney Learning Trust’s Buddying Project 
Facilitating a long term programme of Early Years creative storytelling sessions in Children’s Centres, Schools and Playgroups 
working with children, parents, carers and staff as part of the Learning Trust Buddying Project.

Boxgrove Year of Reading
Guest artist facilitating music and storytelling workshops with all Foundation Stage and KS1 classes at Boxgrove Primary School, Greenwich

Symphonic Dances, Radio France and Early Years Children
Co-facilitated workshop training with Sarah Goldfarb (ReMuA) for musicians in L’Orchestre National de France (Radio France). 
Modelled and co-facilitated creative music and movement activities based on Grieg’s Symphonic Dances (Op 64) with orchestral musicians and ReMuA Sarah Goldfarb in a local kindergarten (Paris).

Music Start (see PRESS article)
Early Years Advisor on the Creative Team creating a multi-dimensional resource to support families with young children in their music-making at home, 
funded by DCSF and DCMS.
Devised and wrote activities (page length activity panel per book spread) for the “Chiff Chaff and Chickpea” storybook. 
Wrote “Getting Started” parents’ booklet to support families in their use of the pack.
Co-wrote support documents (located on the Bongo Club website) for Children’s Centres distributing Music Start.
Wrote document linking EYFS and Music Start (located on the Bongo Club website).
Music Start was produced by Youth Music as part of the Music Manifesto initiative, Music Start was distributed for free in 2008 to 100,000 families through national Children’s Centres. 
For more information visit: EARLY YEARS MUSIC RESOURCES , Music Manifesto and the Youth Music.

Community in Music
Co-devised, co-fundraised, co-managed and facilitated weekly music and movement sessions for Early Years settings and families 
at Somers Town Community Association (a Youth Music 1st Steps project). 
Devised and facilitated a parallel training programme for EY practitioners and interested parents in the area.
Devised and recorded a supporting CD resource. 
Info about the CD and a downloadable order form can be found in EARLY YEARS MUSIC RESOURCES.

Guest Music and Movement Artist Facilitator at Chisenhale Dance Studios
Facilitated interdisciplinary improvisation workshop for professional dance practitioners.

Stepping into Sounds
Co-devisor and co-facilitator on a long term innovative project across various Early Years settings in Peterborough 
focusing on developing language and listening through music and movement activities. 
Initiated by the Early Years Pedagogy Team, funded by Peterborough City Council.

Romeo and Juliette, Radio France and Early Years Children
Co-facilitated workshop training with Sarah Goldfarb (ReMuA) for musicians in L’Orchestre National de France (Radio France). 
Co-facilitated sessions with musicians and Sarah in a local kindergarten (Paris).

Music and Storytelling for RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and the National Literacy Trust
Participatory music and storytelling performances for KS1 and Early Years groups of children around the country.

Celebration of BOOKSTART in Swansea
Facilitated Music, Movement and Storytelling participatory sessions with 0-5s and parents/ carers.
Led training for EY practitioners and library staff wishing to develop music, movement and story activities with Under Fives.

Regular RIF, Bookstart, SureStart and festival events (2002 - ongoing)
Guest storytelling musician (with violin/mandolin/melodica/harmonium/percussion) for one-off participatory storytelling performances around the country. 
Frequent collaborations with musician Malcolm Bruce.

‘Take 1 Picture’ at Caverstede EY Centre
A long-term music and visual arts creative collaboration inspired by the National Gallery education initiative (Take 1 Picture) 
with visual artist Isabel Davis, children and staff at Caverstede EY Centre, Peterborough.

Music Box at Chats Palace
Devised and facilitated a year long music and movement family project involving weekly Early Years sessions at Chat’s Palace in Hackney. 
Sourced weekly guest performers (yes, weekly!) including Orphy Robinson, Christopher Wilson, Stanford String Quartet, Grup Nehir (Turkish/ Kurdish folk ensemble), Malcolm Bruce, Kate Shortt, John Barber, artists from Lila Cita (Gamelan), Guy Dartnell, Pete Flood, Juwon Ogungbe, Dorinia Harley (Emashi Dance Co), Steve Bewes, John Parricelli and Paul Clarvis, The Spiders (bluegrass band from East Grinstead), Simon Foxley, Neyire Ashworth, Caroline Walsh plus many more amazing musicians from a wide variety of cultural and stylistic backgrounds. 
Generously funded by Hackney Family Learning Trust and local SureStart, co-managed by Hackney Music Development Trust.

Music Box at Mapledene
Devised and co-facilitated a year long creative music programme for parents, carers and children at Mapledene Early Years Centre, Hackney. 
Sourced innovative EY music artists to work with various nursery and drop-in groups and devised the culminating souvenir DVD - ‘Pathways’ (funded by Mapledene Early Years Centre). Click HERE to view ‘Pathways’ DVD cover with artist’s credits.

123, Sing and Move With Me!
1 year programme of training for NVQ Nursery Nurse trainees Level 2 devised and provided by Sian Davies and myself. Funded by Youth Music and Groundwork East London, managed by HMDT. Training programme ran parallel to the NVQ course, equipping trainees with enhanced music and movement skills to offer prospective employers. The programme also included a model teaching unit where Sian and myself partnered the trainees in their placements and co-facilitated a series of sessions with the trainees.
An audio and teaching pack resource was created as the final stage of the project. “One, Two, Three, Sing and Move with Me!” has been available for purchase since the project ended from Hackney Music Development’s site on their Music Box umbrella page: www.hmdt.org.uk/hmdt_publications.html#onetwo http://www.creativefuturesuk.com/http://www.myspace.com/afrikbawantuhttp://www.remua.be/http://www.worldbeaters.co.ukhttp://www.amanzihealingfoundation.com/Workshops%20Gallery.htmlhttp://www.worldbeaters.co.ukhttp://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/children_and_families/eyc/childrenscentres/woodlandscc.htmhttp://www.tate.org.uk/families/britain/22034.htmhttp://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/node/153355Apple.htmlhttp://www.learningtrust.co.uk/Apple%20Pictures.htmlhttp://www.tate.org.uk/families/britain/21332.htmhttp://www.learningtrust.co.uk/http://www.worldbeaters.co.uk/http://www.sound-connections.org.uk/content.phphttp://thepuppetellers.co.uk/http://www.babylifecheck.co.uk/http://www.bookahead.org.ukhttp://www.learningtrust.co.uk/http://www.remua.beMusicians%27%20Union%20Music%20Start%20article.htmlEarly%20Years%20Music%20Resources.htmlhttp://www.musicmanifesto.co.uk/news/details/free-music-start-packs-for-under-5s/22178http://www.youthmusic.org.uk/news/youth-music-launches-music-start-initiative.htmlEarly%20Years%20Music%20Resources.htmlhttp://www.remua.behttp://www.literacytrust.org.uk/RIF/index.htmhttp://www.literacytrust.org.uk/index.htmlhttp://www.literacytrust.org.uk/RIF/index.htmhttp://www.bookstart.org.uk/Homehttp://www.dcsf.gov.uk/everychildmatters/earlyyears/surestart/whatsurestartdoes/Pathways%20DVD.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5shapeimage_1_link_6shapeimage_1_link_7shapeimage_1_link_8shapeimage_1_link_9shapeimage_1_link_10shapeimage_1_link_11shapeimage_1_link_12shapeimage_1_link_13shapeimage_1_link_14shapeimage_1_link_15shapeimage_1_link_16shapeimage_1_link_17shapeimage_1_link_18shapeimage_1_link_19shapeimage_1_link_20shapeimage_1_link_21shapeimage_1_link_22shapeimage_1_link_23shapeimage_1_link_24shapeimage_1_link_25shapeimage_1_link_26shapeimage_1_link_27shapeimage_1_link_28shapeimage_1_link_29shapeimage_1_link_30shapeimage_1_link_31shapeimage_1_link_32shapeimage_1_link_33
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