Solo Performances including
All in One film and voice installation
Bird Woman voice, violin, movement open air piece for Lighthorse Festival
Various violin, voice and movement improvisation sets in the UK and overseas
Further details to be added...

With Ensembles, Bands  and Artists including
Barrel, Lode, Barcode Quartet, Restharrow, HANAM, Burning Wood, Heart n Soul bands, Little Sparta, Tindersticks, 
Chandru and the Strings of India,Ensemble Progresivo, Ed Harcourt, The Fujji,  London Improvisers Orchestra, 
Walking Wounded, Nigel Burch and the Flea-Pit Orchestra, Tony Marsh Quartet, Songs That Hum, Mary’s Mates,
Turkish/ Kurdish folk ensemble, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, The Mandrakes, Muckers Ceilidh Band, The Fold, 
Blaubauer, Knicker Onassis, The Mandrakes, Sofala, Viv Corringham, Lincoln, Menlo Park

With Theatre and Dance including
Ad-hoc band for Soldier’s Tale (Stravinsky score) with Awkward Silence
The Dead Can Dance - devised accompaniment with contemporary dance Typewriters Collective
‘The Secret Life of Hilary Fronde: the Most Astonishing Musician Never’
Besides, You Lose Your Soul, The Jesus Guy and other productions with Apocryphal Theatre Company
Consuming Songs tours and British Council showcase (Edinburgh Fringe) with Guy Dartnell
Further details to follow. Go to Recording for information on commissions for theatre and dance recordings
Sunday Express Review of The Dead Can Dance music, Resolution! fest at The Place 2012.pdf

With Film including
STAYING ASHORE by Lode - 1hr visual and musical journey into our relationship with the sea, commissioned by National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Commissioned live soundtrack for Alraune, performed with Hannah Marshall & Javier Carmona to accompany 1928 full length silent for 
Birds Eye View and British Film Institute festival ‘Vamps, Vixens and Femme Fatales’, 2010
Further details to follow.  Go to Recording for information on commissions for recorded film soundtracks 

Storytelling Musician including
Library Tours - Chinese folk tales set to music for family audiences, commissioned by Lewisham Council
Library Tours - performances of poetry, stories, songs and music from all over Asia and Africa commissioned by Lewisham Council
British Council invited artist for European Storytelling Marathon (3 years running)
Further details to follow. For information about performances and workshops with 0-5 yr olds and their adults 
go to Alchemy Early Years


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Alison, Haman Q concert @Lumen urc, London. Photo credit Manuel Miethe,  2011
Performing with The Fold.  Photo credit Symone Male 2003
Benedict Taylor, Alison Blunt and David Leahy at Boat-Ting, London. Photo credit Andy Newcombe 2011
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