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 Alison Blunt         &   Alchemy Early Years
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   About us...
    Musicians with a wealth of experience and expertise, we’ve been collaborating in diverse musical ways for [scratch head] about 15 years. Our activities together have included creating some very popular music resources for a wide range of education and community organisations, details of some of these can be found here.
Loliway Music is our new partnership name. You won’t find ‘loliway’ in the dictionary...we just liked the sound of the word (you might recognise which song it came from)! This brings me to something very particular about our song arrangements. We arrange traditional songs (feeling that they have survived the passage of time for fairly good reasons) and are very playful with the arrangements we create. You won’t hear authentic cultural styles, we don’t pretend to be experts in every single world folk style, but just as children naturally make unexpected creative connections between thoughts, objects and subjects, so we spend hours crafting our sounds and imaginatively putting ideas together. Each song goes through an intense process of development. There is always a flavour of the country of origin without going in the limited dimensional direction of ‘pastiche’.
We share a dedication to creating music of the highest standards, songs are always carefully chosen and individually conceptualised, arranged and produced. We avoid the temptation to use a consistent formula for each song, each song is lovingly crafted with a ‘hand made’ philosophy which takes considerable time and energy. We love producing work that evokes our imaginations - suspecting that if we are stimulated in this way, other listeners whether young or old, might also have this experience.
We hope very much that you and your young children will enjoy the fruits of our work in our brand new *limited edition* release Our Singing World time and time again.
Loliway Music 26.11.12