Staying Ashore

8pm, Friday 24th February ‘12

Great Hall, Queen’s House
National Maritime Museum

Staying Ashore was a commission from the National Maritime Museum (Greenwich). Featuring footage from the NNM film archives, the piece is a visual and musical journey into Britain’s relationship with the sea.

The first performance was in the Great Hall of the Queen’s House, National Maritime Museum, Romney Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF

Watch the promo Staying Ashore movie

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News & Performances...
12th July, 2014
Lode at Colourscape in Ipswich, Christchurch Park
7th July, 2013
Lode at Colourscape, Danson Festival, Danson Park, Bexley
some pics from the day in performing gallery
Lode at Arch1 on the 23rd October ’12
Lode at Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common, 22nd Sept ‘12
Lode contributed a track to classwar karaoke 31st May ‘12
Domestic Suite(9:45) is in four parts
Exuberant Moment
Night Disquiet
Domestic Suite combines four recordings
recorded in the same session on the 18th of April ‘12.
Each recording was created spontaneously with no forethought.
The plan to create the suite came later.
Album still in the making...
Lode artist residency, 1st-5th August ‘11
Grateful thanks to for an incredibly useful and extremely fun time working on ideas during that week. So much has come out of this opportunity.
Canterbury Performing Arts Network Kent. PANeK is resident at the Gulbenkian Theatre

rough and raw in rehearsal
1 Heat         2 Defiant         3 Still
Lode, rough and raw in performance
Live excerpt from Servant Jazz Quarters 31.7.11

Alison Blunt
with violin, voice, toys and objects
David Leahy
with double bass, toys, objects and loops
lode |lōd| noun a vein of metal ore in the earth. 
[in sing. ] figurative a rich source of something
Maverick musicians David and Alison formed duo band Lode in 2009, initially to indulge their shared passion for incorporating the sounds procured from toys and other objects into otherwise strings-orientated music. Swirling water sounds mingle with the strains of a fiddle tune, a double bass riff supports the colliding songs of miniature music boxes, a police siren outside seeps into a multitude of sound layers captured, looped and revisited, just some of the music they've conjured up in live performance. Lode invite you to share their in-the-moment evolving music adventure.
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