music is theatre is dance is music is theatre is dance is music is theatre is dance is music is theatre is dance is music is theatre is dance is music is theatre is d All in One for film and voice by Alison Blunt. 
Photo credit Jenny Gallego 2010
Tony Marsh, Alison Blunt, Neil Metcalfe and  Hannah Marshall at unWhiststable. Photo copyright Caroline Forbes 2010
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Barrel Biography Hanam Quintet Lode Corringham/Blunt Alison Blunt, photo used with kind permission from Peter Purgar, 2011
Blunt creates and performs new work utilising or consisting of improvisation
Past engagements include
Jazz na Fabrika (Sao Paulo), Full of Noises (Barrow in Furness), Elbjazz Festival (Hamburg)
Schnittpunkte der Musik (Austria), Outskirts Festival (Glasgow), All Ears Festival (Oslo)
Jazz and More Festival (Sibiu, Romania), AutFest (Berlin), Micro Soundworlds (Dusseldorf) ISIM festival/conference (NYC), Zaumfest (Turku/Helsinki), Fete Quaqua (London)
A L’ARME! Festival (Berlin), SoundOut (Canberra), Artacts (St Johann, Tyrol)
Colourscape on Clapham Common (London), Freedom of the City (London), V:NM (Graz)Liquid Architecture (Melbourne), Resolution! (London), Alpenglow (London)
Spontaneous (Lyon), Horta Cordel International Festival of Improvisation (Madrid)
SHIFTI International Festival of Mixed Art Form Improvisation (Warwick)
Birds Eye View ‘Sound & Silents’ Festival (London)
Past commissioned improvised works include
‘England Expects’ solar powered sound installation for Tone Festival (Canterbury)
Sound for Louise Curham’s films at Unconscious Archives (London)
Sound for The Dead Can Dance at Resolution! Festival (London)
‘Sound of Cinema’ BBC Jazz on 3
‘Have Sound Will Travel’ Colourscape Festival (London)
‘Staying Ashore’ National Maritime Museum (London)
‘Alrune’ BFI Sounds and Silents Festival (London)
‘Mere Skin and Bones’ Nottdance Fest (Nottingham)
‘Scratches, Sketches and Salt’ Liquid Architecture (Melbourne)
‘Unsung’ British Council theatre showcase at Edinburgh Fringe
‘All in One’ film with live voice installation at Thirsty Fish Festival (London)
Alison has performed throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA with various creative music projects including Apocryphal Theatre Company, Apartment House, Barcode Quartet, BARREL, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, Blunt/Taylor/Leahy trio, Ensemble Progresivo, ESP, Fluxx Theatre Company, HANAM Quintet, Pierette Ensemble, Lauro/Blunt, Lode, Mimmo/Blunt, Quartette and Sestetto Internazionale, London Improvisers Orchestra, Typewriters Collective and many ‘ad hoc’ ensembles. Collaborators have included: Hallveig Agustsdottir, Chefa Alonso, Apocryphal Theatre Company, Avreeayl Ra Amen, Renee Baker,
Julia Barclay-Morton, Steve Beresford, Pernille Bévort, Signe Bisgaard, John Bisset, Stephan Bleier, Adam Bohman, Olie Brice, John Butcher, Cristiano Calcagnile,
Javier Carmona, Lawrence Casserley, Dan Clucas, Angelo Contini, Viv Corringham, Guy Dartnell, Terry Day, Lisbeth Diers, John Edwards, Sue Ferrar, Pete Flood,
Flow Motion, Annette Giesriegl, Vinny Golia, Emilio Gordoa, Kay Grant,
Florencia Guerberof, Sylvia Hallett, Elisabeth Harnik, Bonnie Hart, Teppo Hauta-aho, Stefan Heckel, Anna Homler, Tristan Honsinger, Juun, Ivor Kallin, Anna Kaluza,
Achim Kaufmann, Josef Klammer, Veli Kujala, Dominic Lash, David Leahy, Gianni Lenoci, Adam Linson, Tony Marsh,Hannah Marshall, Marcio Mattos, Neil Metcalfe, Niko Meinhold, Lisa Mezzacappa, Manuel Miethe, Horst Nonnenmacher,
Adrian Northover, Evan Parker, Adam Pultz Melbye, Gino Robair, Orphy Robinson,
John Russell, Fabio Sacconi, Mark Sanders, Ignaz Schick, Karl Siegfried,
Harri Sjöström, Ian Smith, Joel Stern, Benedict Taylor, Ricardo Tejero, Roger Turner, Jackie Walduck, Ray Warleigh, Ute Wassermann, Dave Wayne, Els Vanderweyer, Guillaume Viltard, Ove Volquartz, Mark Weaver, Veryan Weston, Ben Wright & Michael Zerang.
Berlin Improvisers Orchestra London Improvisers Orchestra Pierette Ensemble Barcode Quartet Mimmo/Blunt
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