‘The Secret Life of Hilary Fronde:
the Most Astonishing Musician Never’
Experimental music theatre production devised, composed, performed and produced by ASITIS:
Hannah Marshall, Pete Flood, Lewis Gibson and Alison Blunt (2002)
Performance runs at BAC and Unicorn Theatre, 2002
“In 1898, a freight train crossing the Rockies with a cargo of grand pianos for the salons and conservatoires of California jumps its tracks and plunges down a sheer ravine. The only survivor of this tragedy is a small child of indeterminate sex by the name of Hilary Fronde. No one can fathom how she has come to be on the train. For the next century, Fronde's name crops up from time to time in far flung places: a mysterious figure in Marinetti's war correspondence; the dedicatee of Satie's Vexations; a recurrent theme in some unpublished Cage mesostics, master Musician of Tlon in a Borges rough draft; steel appendage player in Beefheart's Magic Band.”
‘London Brick’ Quartet for Tuning Forks
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