The little rabbit spies the last juicy apple on an apple tree but he can not reach it.  The crow helps by poking it down and apple falls right onto hedgehog's prickles. Which of the three friends deserves the delicious apple?  Their loud quarrel wakes up the bear.
The wise old Russian folk tale is told afresh by Alison Blunt and Tinka Slavicek with participatory songs and interactive approach, beautiful original live music, stimulating sounds and simple, effective puppets and props, all of which will inspire you to go home and create your own.
The performance is specially devised for Early Years children and their families and thrives on participation, improvisation and imagination.
Illustration by Caroline Blunt
Slide show of photos from various performances
A musical puppet theatre show for early years children and their adults
Tinka and Alison first performed Apple to family and nursery audiences in Early Years settings in Hackney during April 2010.  
Apple is available for bookings.  Have wheels, will travel!
Contact Tinka or Alison for further details.